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Energy saving is a critical component of everyday life for households and businesses. Continuous light delivery from electric light sources does not only affect our pocket, but also our productivity and health. With workers spending close to 90% on a daily base away from natural light, even the slightest amendment in the delivery of light could improve our welfare and increase a building’s operational efficiency.

Adaptive Illuminance

Current electric light sources and infrastructure cannot optimize illuminance in each workspace. The industry’s state-of-the-art lighting systems work on average in an open loop without measurement or reaction. This permits minimum to no control for end users to personalize their optimal light level and leads to energy waste.



Innora’s novel solution is to integrate a light-sensing device within an independent light control element. These intelligent control elements are placed on each desk monitoring the end-user’s personal light preferences as well as the absolute luminance on each desk. When paired to the intelligent wireless light activators and the powerful learning control software, it allows for both customized illuminance optimization and energy consumption. Additionally, Innora has also designed a breaking new ground controller enclosure that fits the modern office environment and satisfies all operative requirements.



Embedded system design / embedded system prototyping / embedded software development / electronics working prototype construction / wireless sensor network development / industrial design / UI design / product design.