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MEDLityx™ is our Business Intelligence suite designed to address the needs of hospitals, clinics, and government health agencies. MEDLityx™ interfaces with established applications and acquires the data necessary to produce performance scorecards. We can extract and visualize key performance measures to assess the operational, financial, and clinical functions of hospitals and, when aggregated, of health departments and ministries. Our expertise in data-driven intelligence can analyze the stream of data and come-up with predictions. MEDLityx™ measures, reports, predicts, and saves.


Financial: monitors and controls budget vs. actual, monthly and daily purchase outlays, accounts payable and receivable, generic and prescription drugs, drug purchases per function, revenue streams from private and state insured patients, utilities cost; and much more.


Operational: patient flow, average hospitalization period, volume and type of procedures, volume and type of examinations, personnel utilization rates, patient flow per department; and much more.  


Public Control: disease and epidemics per geographic area, monthly personnel outlays, budget vs. actual, population health management; and much more.


The Greek Ministry of Health has turned to IKH to design and develop an all-encompassing Business Intelligence solution for close to 400 public health agencies (i.e. hospitals, primary care units etc.)