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He summoned us in early fall

he promised glory, no coin or gold

He asked our Master what we love

the Open source, the Open source

JAVA is my game my Lord

but I shall join you if you call

Of sabers, swords I hardly know

I illustrate and draw

The tall dark man came from the North

rather solid but he worked

Two more we needed, to start the code

We looked and searched

‘till the Macs, in the back row

And there they were

the Scruffy Man, the Smiley Girl

typing all alone

We said hello, they offered Drupes

to join, to share, to make it work

Seven of them, we conquered all

Costas Anastassiadis


Costas Anastassiadis

Costas is an entrepreneur. At IKH, he converts value propositions into compelling narratives. He writes content, coaches and trains employees on story structure and persuasive delivery, and nourishes the communication rhythm that defines the IKH culture. He likes to think of himself as the analog & digital back-end of our business development efforts. Costas has over 20 years of experience across industries, ranging from garments and hospitality to contemporary art and management consulting. He started his career as a strategy consultant for Price Waterhouse in Chicago, and upon his return to the cradle, co-founded a series of business ventures. Costas received his BA in Economics from Northwestern University and his senior thesis – written under the tutelage of the late Nobel Prize winner Dale T. Mortensen – was the recipient of the Economics Department annual award. He has given interviews to media outlets such as Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, ARD/WDR, and to the Schweizer Radio and Fernsehen. In his spare time, he is on a futile mission to convince his 7-year-old son that the 1990s Chicago Bulls were the best basketball team ever to grace the face of the planet.

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