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Gregory Kotsikaris

Chairman, BoD IKH Group

Greg Kotsikaris is the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of IKH Group.

Greg’s main passion has always been technology, with a special interest in business critical information systems and cybersecurity.

He is a retired Major who served the Hellenic Armed Forces for over a decade. Excelling in development of information systems, during his career years in the Forces, he became responsible for and led technically the Hellenic Army’s Material Control Center in the new millennium, overseeing procurements worth hundreds of millions of euros.

Venturing into entrepreneurship in 2002, he retired the Armed Forces and founded IKH. As a visionary leader, Greg has succesfully led the transformation of IKH, from a small size company to a multimillion-euro enterprise, employing more than 160 professionals, providing bespoke, all-encompassing solutions to the private and public sector in Greece and abroad.

After establishing IKH as a leader in the field of advanced technology and innovation solutions, a series spinouts, mergers and acquisitions took place. As such IKH became a Group of companies and he is now acting as the Chairman of the Board of the entire group. IKH Group nowadays spans its portfolio across enterprise applications with high complexity, medical imaging platforms with its own EvoradSuite® brand, autonomous robotics solutions for harsh environments, such as shipping and renewable energy and highly sophisticated Defense & Homeland Security.

He received his MSc degree in Computer Science, Computer & Information Systems from Athens University of Economics & Business. During his free time he enjoys playing tennis and travelling. 

Favorite motto: Kaizen

Katerina Fotopoulou

Chief Executive Officer, BoD IKH Group

Katerina Fotopoulou is a priceless member of the IKH Group. Her role in growing the company from 4 employees and €100k in revenue, to 160 employees and today generating revenue in excess of €18,7m, was instrumental.

Katerina, walked the way to becoming the CEO, within IKH, from the Group’s early beginning.

Starting out as an external consultant, then hired into the pre-sales department, promoted to project manager of EU and Public projects, then to CFO coordinating company’s financials, her dedication, thoroughness and practical approach in everything she gets involved with for over twenty years now, brings nothing less than outstanding results.   

She received her BA in Management of Science & Technology and her MA in Applied Economics from the Athens University of Economics & Business. During her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, travelling and reading books.

Favorite quote: Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Create as if you were to live forever. (Mahatma Gandhi)

Xenia Bania

Executive Vice Chairman, BoD IKH Group

Xenia Bania is a founding member and the wind beneath IKH Group wings.

She joined the company in 2008 to lead the early projects. Her exceptional team building, and leadership skills along with her “doer at heart” mentality, led the company to successful, demanding project deliveries, establishing a strong market position.

Carrying more than 17 years of experience in innovation, digital strategy and business development, Xenia has worked closely with large governmental, academic, and private organizations in transformation programs, R&D and Innovation, and technology consulting and has successfully managed multi-million projects in the fields of ICT. As Chief Commercial Officer Xenia’s contributions have been pivotal to IKH’s rapid growth.

She is passionate about digital transformation led and accelerated with people, culture, and effective leadership at the center and held a leading role in the firm’s reestablishment on culture and strategy—specifically, on more practical and accessible approaches on people first management and purposeful transformation.

She holds degrees in, B.Sc in Shipping Economics from the University of Piraeus, MSc in Applied Economics & Finance and an MSc in Computer Science.

Outside of work, she enjoys the most mountain walking and hiking with her two daughters. 

Favorite quote: Doers are the major thinkers. (Steve Jobs)

Emmanouil (Manos) A. Patsios

Strategy & Corporate Development, Member, BoD IKH Group

Manos Patsios is a BoD member since early 2023. Advising and overseeing the Strategy and Corporate Development of the Group, he is orchestrating the fast pacing scaling up of IKH and its high technology Sector Subsidiaries, enabling core Strategic Business Decisions.

Manos, brings to the table more than 25 years of international corporate experience in Business Strategy, Corporate Development and Restructuring. He has served as Senior Executive and C level Management Advisor in SME’s and his insightful advising, expertise and management skills brought in their business efficient growth and profitability, both organically and, through corporate transactions he succesfully managed.


He has a BA in Economics from Hartwick College New York, and a Master’s Degree in Investment & Finance from the University of Exeter. He very much enjoys Free Diving & Mountain Hiking.

Favorite quote: Living my life following the POWER OF NOW.

Iraklis Taslakidis

COO, Member, BoD IKH Group

Iraklis Taslakidis is the calm force behind any Public Sector project in the IKH Group projects portfolio.

Carrying more than 26 years of experience in designing, implementing, and managing large scale IT projects for the Public Sector as well as for the Private, Iraklis joined IKH Group to lead the Group’s Public sector operations and ensure top performance in large scale projects delivery.

Thanks to his superb leadership, personnel management skills and analytical thinking, Iraklis has outstandingly managed more than 20 Public Sector projects for the company and his invaluable input has given the Group an edge in the market for its outstanding performance.

He is passionate about the design and implementation of information systems but as well as for interion design, a hobby he enjoys during his free time. 

Favorite quote: “Reach what you cannot” (Nikos Kazantzakis)

Dimitris Pappas

IKH Group Chief Technology Officer

Dimitris Pappas is the IKH Group Chief Technology Officer, leading the Private Sector & EU projects.

Renowned for expertise across various domains and technologies, Dimitris embodies a multifaceted role that blends technical prowess with versatility. Consequently, the go-to person for technical “mission impossible” cases where his creative, collected and innovative thinking and his passion for technology, make the difference to the solutions IKH Groups provides.

Dimitris is responsible, among other things, for designing and implementing solutions of variable complexity and scale, overseeing, organising and actively participating in the development process and handling of the delivery cycle of our projects.

Actively mentoring and inspiring younger colleagues, he fosters a culture of growth and he is always trying to lead by example.

Favorite quote:

The difference between theory and practice is small in theory but great in practice.

Anta Savvala

IKH Group HR Director

Anta Savvala is a passionate and results-oriented Professional, driving strategic and innovative HR initiatives for IKH Group and its subsidiaries.

With over 16 years of dedicated experience in Human Resources, now as the IKH Group HR Director, Anta oversees the entire spectrum of HR functions, including talent acquisition and retention, performance management, employee development, compensation and benefits, and policy compliance.

A strong communicator, problem-solver, and a collaborator who values diversity, innovation, and excellence, her mission is to support and empower the Group’s people, by providing HR solutions that enhance their performance, engagement, and well-being.

She holds a Master's degree in Organizational Psychology from Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, and a Bachelor's degree in History and Philosophy of Science from Ethnikon kai Kapodistriakon Panepistimion Athinon.

Motto…. Leading with EQ and Empathy!

Nikos Frangakis

Innovation Director

Nikos Frangakis is leading the IKH Group Innovation Unit, our robotics arm.

An experienced manager with more than 15 years of national and international project management and coordination with teams of up to 50 persons and significant participations in many European projects, Nikos is succesfully leading the IKH Group Innovation Unit for the past two years towards productization of our robotic prototypes.

Positive, outgoing with an urge to find solutions, he is orchestrating a team of world-class robotics and software engineers with expertise in mechanical design, embedded control, data-driven intelligence and mobile robots that design and build tailor-made innovative robotic solutions, he is augmenting the Group’s footprint in the Innovation field.

His main interests consist of the technologies of Virtual and Augmented Reality and their various applications in different domains, like Cultural Heritage, Ergonomics, Training and Remote Support.

He holds a M.Sc in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens and has worked in the past with technologies of Virtual and Augmented Reality, IoT, edge computing in the domains of industry, health, education and culture.

Favorite quote: The direction in which you look is where you go.

Fotis Kosmatos

CEO, Blend Technologies S.A.

Fotis Kosmatos is a Senior Business Executive with a highly successful track record in leading sales and business development activities. He breathes and lives technology, being always eager to blend new technologies and digital strategies to empower the people, the communities, the organizations and the Industry 4.0 ecosystem at large.

He started his career in IBM back in 2009, holding for 15 years several Sales Management and Business development roles In IBM and its spun-off services company, Kyndryl.

Today, with his deep industry experience in business transformation, he is helping clients drive efficient, profitable growth, balance costs with agility and improve their risk management and industry differentiation, by exploiting everything that Data&AI, Cloud and Cybersecurity technologies has to offer, through Blend's bespoke services and wide solutions portfolio.

He holds a Bachelor’s in Computers’ Engineering and Informatics Development from University of Patras, an MSc in Distributed Information Systems from Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh UK and an MBA from Warwick Business School, UK, focusing on Fintech and disruptive innovation in the Banking Sector.

When not reading anything new on technology and strategy, anywhere, anytime, he focuses on his tennis game.

Personal moto: "There's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path".

Michalis Zervos

CEO, IknowHealth S.A.

Michalis Zervos holds the office of the CEO of IknowHealth S.A. IKH Group spin-off

One of our most valuable members, Michalis is with the IKH Group, more than 11 years now. Throughout his career in the Group, Mihalis has always been demonstrating adaptability in any given situtation and a unique sense of honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior towards everyone, any time.

He started out as principal project manager-, then moved to General Manager of the Healthcare IT Business unit and succesfully managed more than 20 major  projects, strenghtening the Group’s position in the market.

From his current role, Michalis drives Iknow Health SA performance, being in charge not only of the operational management and the achievement of the goals set, but also for building and maintaining strong relationship with employees, customers, investors, and other key stakeholders. His greatest mission, is the cross-border expansion of the Company.

In his free time, Michalis enjoys free diving, especially in Kalymnos and teaching his kids new tricks.

Personal Favorite Moto

Do not look back. Regardless how beautiful is what you are leaving back there, your route is destined to be forward, so you are not going back.