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  • Model-Based Control Implementation

  • Multi-Device Real Time Control Software

  • Real Time Control System Design

  • Multi-Body Dynamics Simulation

  • Dynamic Modeling

  • Industrial Design

We bring ideas from a digital form to a physical piece. We design, instrument, and control high-precision, computer-controlled machines. Our team of engineers follows the mechatronics-integrated design approach in which the interaction between mechanical and electrical systems is simulated throughout the design phase. In-house competencies in modeling, simulation, control, and software allow us to build fully automated solutions for industry. We satisfy the engineering requirements without shortchanging form. Good industrial design always understands the importance of form and gets the engineering function fitted in the form.


Vasilis Papadimitriou
Vasilis Papadimitriou
Vasilis Papadimitriou

Vasilis is the backbone of our mechanical design & control competency. He was one of two engineers that joined Panos – the current CEO – eight years ago in a suburban garage and founded Innora, which subsequently became the Industrial Internet arm of IKH. Vasilis is the quintessential engineer; an analytical mind with creative flair, he possesses problem-solving skills coupled with spatial intelligence and high aptitude in interpersonal communication. Vasilis’ natural habitat is centered around a whiteboard; his techie presentations are probably one of the top three themes of lunchtime talk. Over the past eight years, Vasilis has been responsible for completing a score of R&D projects valued at a little less than ten million euros, as well as leading the design of several tailor-made automation solutions destined for the private sector. His current challenge is to make a rover-like robot test the structural integrity of rotary blades - used in wind turbines - by utilizing ultrasonic sensors. A valedictorian in high school, Vasilis received both his Dipl.-Ing in Mechanical Engineering and his MSc in Automation Systems from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). He is a theater goer and enjoys a good literary story in his free time.

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Giannis Roditis
Giannis Roditis
Giannis Roditis

Giannis is an engineer actuated by an unceasing desire to solve very hard problems. Ever since he was a child, Giannis dreamt of bringing to life mechanisms by a mere press of the button. It came as no surprise then, that he graduated with a Dipl.-Ing in Mechanical Engineering and with an MSc in Control Systems both from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). Giannis’ core expertise is the mechanical design of robots. At IKH, he is involved in everything that moves but if the need arises, he might jump into some low-level software development. His latest mission was to design – singlehandedly - the control software of a six-legged robotic prototype destined for the sea-bed of the high seas. Apart from bolts, shafts, and rollers he is a big fan of that other team from the city of Piraeus.

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Antonis Dimopoulos

Born and bred in a picturesque seaside town of the Peloponnese, Antonis is an accomplished windsurfer and IKH’s most valuable soccer player. During the weekly company matches, his side almost always carries the day and his ball handling skills are a recurring theme during lunch talk. Antonis received his BSc in Product & System Design Engineering from the University of Aegean and joined Innora a few months short of his graduation. His thesis dealt with the engineering and design of the dosing mechanism for an automated Greek coffee maker. When not playing soccer, tinkering with Solidworks®, or making our BD pitches look edgy, Antonis loves crafting small-scale models of products real or imaginary.