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Dimitris Pappas

Pappas is our Drupal 8 maestro. He began tinkering with his mom’s office workstation at the tender age of eight. Santa brought him his first PC complete with a Cyrix 6x86 microprocessor, whereupon he taught himself BASIC and tampered with DOS. In college, he learned C, C++, and SQL and had a brief love affair with hardware; working part-time as a freelancer, he assembled networks. He learned PHP and JAVASCRIPT on the job. At IKH, Pappas leads the DRUPAL CMS development team. He holds a BSc in Informatics & Telecommunications from the University of Athens. When he is not piloting his model planes, he takes pictures with his Olympus OMD-EM5.

Thetis Zetta

Thetis embodies the premise that musicality is a powerful predictor of coding success. A musical prodigy, she trained for ten years at the local Conservatoire where she mastered the violin and the flute. Coding came naturally then, and after she completed her BSc in Computer Science at the University of Thessaloniki she received her MSc in Information Security & Privacy from Cardiff University. In her thesis, Thetis came up with a new methodology to compute probabilities for various risk factors by utilizing data from the web. She is highly proficient in numerous unspoken languages and frameworks like C, C++, JAVA, Spring MVC and Hibernate. Her favorite fictional character is Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family. She has not lost her faith to humanity.

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George Petropoulos

George personifies the esprit de corps that binds our intrepid band of coders. He can be a mentor and a mentee, a leader and a follower, a coder and, if circumstances require, an acting CTO. George believes there is truth in the tagline “code is poetry”, since good code writing, like all art forms, resides as an abstraction. Substance always follows. An avid gamer, he began programming in his late teens and has not ceased since. Described by his peers as a polyglot, he has mastered over the years plenty of languages, frameworks, and technologies. George received both his BSc and MSc from the University of Hertfordshire. During his graduate studies, he did work on Distributed Systems and Network Security. He believes in flat hierarchies.

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Panos Drakopoulos

Panos’ relationship to coding is best summed up in the phrase ‘coding is like carpentry’. Just like a carpenter, a top coder knows his technologies, his math, and is dedicated. Panos ticks all three boxes. A restless mind and a self-taught coder, Panos possesses breadth without shortchanging depth. He has built databases with tools like SQL server, Postgresql, MySQL, DB2, and Oracle. He speaks PHP, C#, JavaScript, Java and he frames with Spring, Angular, DoJo, IIS, WCF, WPF, and RazorEngine. Panos has also built with mobile development tools like Apache Cordova, Ionic, and Swift and has extensively used the protocols SOAP and RESTful in designing network applications. His love for the outdoors and his family are the sole things keeping him away from his keyboard.

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Ilias Manolakos

Ilias started playing chess as a toddler, but coding came much later to his life. He still sees similarities between the two, since one wrong move can cost you the game and one faulty code line can mess-up your day. At IKH, Ilias wears multiple hats and he likes it, dividing his time between pure development and analysis. He speaks C#, Java, SQL, PLSQL et al. He received his BSc in Computer Science and his MSc in Distributed Systems & Networks from the University of Hertfordshire. Ilias loves tennis and movies but currently he is a full-time dad.

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 Jean Paul Kapenda
 Jean Paul Kapenda
Jean Paul Kapenda

Jean Paul used to work for a local airline, paying his way through the Ecole Polytechnique de Kinshasa until the day he received a scholarship to continue his studies in Greece. So, sometime in the mid-00s, he moved to the Northern town of Thessaloniki and picked-up in the process one extra language on top of his French, English, Lingala, and Kikongo. Having mastered Spring MVC, Liferay, Drupal, WordPress, and Angular JS, his unceasing polyglotism has propelled him to the status of CMS expert. Java being his first language, he is also highly proficient in C, C++, C#, PHP, and Javascript. Jean Paul received his Dipl-Ing in Electrical & Computer Engineering from the University of Thessaloniki. In the weekends, he cooks Congolese and reads coding books.

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Elias Katis

Elias is a peacemaker and that makes him a natural for the role of scrumaster. Being an introvert in a world full of noise does not come easy, still, Elias has managed to carve his special place at IKH. A team facilitator and bridge maker, he makes sure all development teams have what they need to carry their tasks. He came to coding late, yet he blossomed at the University of Patras where he received his Dipl. – Ing in Computer Engineering & Informatics. He speaks Java, Javascript, and is getting up-to-speed with his Ruby. Every Tuesday he plays goalie.

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Andreas Oikonomou

Andreas got into coding at the tender age of seven. In 1980 his brother, a mathematician and thirteen years his senior, got a Commodore VIC-20 thanks to some distant relatives in the States. Under the elder’s tutelage, Andreas mastered LOGO and BASIC and as soon as his graduated from high school landed his first job with a local software house specializing in Oracle applications. Two decades and countless of human hours later, Andreas is considered an Oracle and database guru. While working part-time, he managed to graduate with a BSc in Business Information Systems from Aberystwyth University and with a degree in Computer Science from the University of Portsmouth. When parental responsibilities allow, he moonlights as a Punk/Rock DJ.

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Kostas Petropoulos

Kostas moonlighted as a session musician for over a decade. Listening to the seminal 1976 record of Jaco Pastorius got him into playing the electric bass. Lessons in the Conservatory were followed by hours of coding on his ZX Spectrum. He mastered ancient languages like Pascal, Cobol, OCCAM, C and as time passed excelled in C#, Java, PHP, and Javascript. With over two decades of coding experience, he leads the software development team of EVORAD, our RIS/PACS solution. Kostas is widely known for his computing skills across the country and in demand when things turn awry. At IKH, he is our ‘in-house’ external consultant. He graduated with a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Athens. On Sunday afternoons, he plucks and thumps his Fender Bass.

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Konstantinos Georgilakis

Coding came easily to Costas. He is a few points short of attaining the Candidate Master status of the World Chess Federation. Costas has an Elo rating of 2167 and is ranked 181 in Greece and 16,714 worldwide. As a freshman in college he mastered C, SQL, HTML, CSS, and Java, later, once he joined the ranks of young professionals, he switched to Javascript. At IKH, he picked-up Java frameworks like Spring, Primefaces, Hibernate, and JPA. Frankly, no one knows how many frameworks and languages he commands, since whenever a new technology shows-up or is requested by a client, our heuristic is ‘ask Costas first, then google.’ In his spare time and when not playing chess, he enjoys an Eisenstein movie.   

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Christina-Marina Breki

Christina is a coder. Her native tongue notwithstanding, she is fluent in English, in C, and in C++. A late bloomer, she started coding in her freshman year in college, Christina interests include computer vision, computer graphics, and image processing. She graduated with a BSc in Informatics & Telecommunications from the University of Athens and her senior thesis, titled “Fractal & Multifractal Analysis of PET/CT Images” involved research with the renowned National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos”. Her work has been published in the European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (EJNMMI). Christina loves swimming butterfly stroke and back in the not too distant past she came in third in the national championships. Her other true love involves advanced algorithms. Every Christmas, she makes sure we all have on our desks, a petite assortment of biscotti, gingerbread, and spritz butter cookies perfectly hand-packed and wrapped in festive ribbons. Christina is a coder.

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Stavros Nikolakopoulos
Stavros Nikolakopoulos
Stavros Nikolakopoulos

Stavros is a natural. He started his professional life as a striker for a local club – he even made the national U18 squad - but coding won him over some time in his mid-twenties. He has over 14 years of professional experience in software engineering and has mastered technologies like Java, Spring, and JavaEE. His other favorite modern languages and frameworks are TypeScript 2, Scala, Java 8, Angular 2, Play, and JavaScript ES6 and ES7. Before making IKH his home, he managed to make a name for himself as a senior developer and has worked at some of the region’s biggest software houses. Stavros is our top Yammer contributor on dev-related subjects and his proactive attitude to matters beyond the mere technical is legendary. In his spare time, he collects IDM and soul/funk vinyl records. He is on a humble quest to become vegan.

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