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At IKH we help our clients choose the solution that works best for their organization and we keep at arm’s length the ideologically-driven debate of open-source vs. proprietary solutions. Plenty of decision makers are unfamiliar with the nuances of software selection and the hidden costs of closed or open technologies. Our decade-long experience with information systems taught us to stop thinking about proprietary and community-maintained software as being radically different. Making the source code available to anyone is not synonymous to free and when the full costs of adoption and quality are put into the equation, the differences between proprietary and open-source become trivial.  

IKH resides in the best of both worlds. Open source and IBM’s core technologies are two parallel branches of the same tree. We have embraced the open source community, the modifiable source code, and the better security provided, while at the same time we have adopted Big Blue’s applications, database, and content management tools.

We know software. You know your objectives. Together we can architect and fit the right solution to your infrastructure.


Solutions Architecture & Analysis




Nick Dakoronias

Nick is an IT professional with close to 25 years of experience, half of those were spent at IBM and Microsoft. Over the years, not only has he mastered the proprietary technologies offered by Big Blue, Microsoft, and Oracle, but has also delved into the open source world building on his expertise with the likes of Linux, Drupal, Liferay, MySQL, and Apache, among others. Aside from his numerous IT certifications - for a period he has been collecting them like stamps - Nick knows technology through and through and is the pillar of our Systems Architecture & Analysis core. When he is not trying to juggle work with the demands of family life - he is the father of three - Nick is passionate about poverty alleviation and works with special needs kids. He considers the volunteer work he has done during the 2011 Athens Special Olympics as a life-changing experience. Nick holds degrees from London South Bank University and the London School of Foreign Trade. His first computer was a ZX Spectrum.

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Haris Dimitriadis
Haris Dimitriadis
Haris Dimitriadis

Haris is a certified ISO 27001 auditor and serves as the Chief Digital Information Officer at IKH. He keeps our machinery and complex software running, builds potent firewalls, ensures compliance with company standards, and explores new uses of technology for our clients’ business. Harris first computer was an IBM 8086 and since then he has never ceased tangling with PCB designs and writing embedded code. At IKH, he also designs and simulates electronics circuits, specialty PCB designs, and low power electronics. Harris’ other skill-set involves low level embedded programming and code optimization. He received his Dipl-Ing in Electrical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). On the weekends, he is on a mission to smarten up his suburban apartment by re-programming ΙοΤ devices. He does not play football.

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Dimitris Vlachopoulos

Dimitris is part of the team that designs, develops, and implements solutions for our clients’ computer system needs. He has over 20 years of hands-on experience and has worked in some of the region’s largest projects; Dimitris was a member of the IT team that set-up the networks of the Athens International Airport. He can see the IT process end-to-end; what all the requirements are for integrating, testing, evaluating and modifying systems. He is a Microsoft certified systems engineer and a Cisco certified network associate. A lifetime ago and before IT networks won him over, he received his BSc in Physical Education from the University of Athens. He is a PADI advanced open water diver and cycles every day to work.

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