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We design and build interconnected systems. Our core team specializes in engineering devices based on microcontrollers running software with real-time constraints. Whether on the factory floor, on the road or on the field we connect low-power sensors and actuators with gateways, that can store, process, and interface the data. We transmit the data generated to back-end services (i.e. cloud), that, among other things, support a range of protocols and enable the viewing, processing, and the remote control of IoT devices. The embedded software we employ in our devices is reliable, scalable, modular, and with a variety of connectivity options. Our long-standing team is highly proficient in FPGA design and programming, embedded software for MCUs, MPUs, and PLCs, design, assembly and manufacturing of custom electronics - ranging from high-speed data busses to analog amplifiers and RF modules (BLE, LoRaWAN, 6LoWPAN).