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We cannot easily predict the future; usually, we are not even close. Human evolution has conditioned our brains to promote simplicity as an adaptation to uncertainty. Most of our decisions are based on intuition; especially in uncertain environments, where we are programmed to ignore information and rely on heuristics. Good human-driven decision making then, must go beyond the information given, and therefore, not rely solely on logic for the mere reason that our emotional brains cannot process all the data out there. When making decisions, executives and government leaders count on their years of experience and on their ‘gut feelings’. And yet, the algorithmic leap forward can augment our bounded rationality and propel human decision making into a new era.

Today’s data-driven organizations must perceive data-driven intelligence as a complementary to human intelligence. At IKH, our team of PhDs can help you frame the problem and through our tailor-made models harness internal and external data to reach well thought out decisions. Data-driven intelligence does not play the role of a deus ex machina; it is just another tool in the palette of modern-day executives and government leaders.

Is your organization ready for data-driven decision making?