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Digital Health


The ongoing digital revolution will accelerate the drive towards patient-centricity. We are moving away from a paternalistic fee-for-service healthcare delivery system to a personalized fee-for-outcome model. On top of the evolving digital infrastructure rests an empowered citizen-patient who self-monitors and engages with the health system at will. Episodic annual check-ups will be replaced by real-time information and connectivity to health providers, who by accessing predictive and prescriptive analytics will provide the patients with meaningful personalized interventions.

Moving away from a system where providers stand to make more money the more tests and procedures they perform, to a system that improves health and wellness start with a state-of-the-art healthcare information system. At IKH, we provide some of the blocks of the new digital health infrastructure. Our solutions range from specialized medical software for doctors and small medical practices to business analytics suites for hospitals and government. IKH’s information systems are coupled with our Industrial Internet Core, since we can design sensor-driven devices and analyze patient-generated data to provide access to a holistic view.

Digital Health




Development of automated iron concentration quantification techniques in parenchymal organs (in collaboration with CBML-FORTH, University of Crete & University of Athens)